Memories Captured

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot some images at the El Gato Classic in Palm Springs.  This was seriously fun!  I got to see some of my favorite old school skaters and it really brought back some memories of my youth.  This was three days of art, skating and meeting some really cool people and listening to some amazing music!

This was simply a nostalgic shoot for me.  I love it when I get to pick up my camera and I’m shooting for myself, no magazine, no mood board to follow, no art director telling me what they need for a spread in the magazine.  I had total reign over what I was going to do!  There was something funny that happened along the way.  I stopped shooting.

I got some images which I personally think are pretty damn cool.  But this was also personal, not just a personal project, but personal to me.  These were my memories coming back from the past and I had to put down the camera every now and then just so I could keep some of these moments as my own personal collection in my head and soul.  Sometimes putting down the camera is the best way to capture a memory.

Of course I was there to take photos and this is one of my personal favorites from the last day of shooting.  Christian Hosoi with a Judo Air while Tony Hawk watches.  This was my “back in the day” moment.  Anyone who was there back in the day knows what I am talking about.  It is these types of personal projects that really keep me going and pushing me forward with everything I do!

Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi by The Average Jim