Part of being an artist is not always knowing where the next paycheck is going to come from.  I have just been offered an okay amount of money to sell my Mercedes, the one from my Naked Travels project.  It was a fair amount but less than what I thought I would want for it.  So now, while I have just finished the final photos for the book this would mean that there would be no more naked travels in this car.

Honestly, this time of year I could definitely use the cash, but is the juice worth the squeeze?  I have a few other people who have expressed interest but none of them have actually made me an offer on the car.  So are they just hoping they can come up with the cash and daydreaming because money talks.  I do have a new Mercedes and could possibly start Naked Travels 2.0, and this one is much nicer but I have not shot in it yet so I’m not quite sure it will have the right vibe, but then again it is my car so it just might!

These are the dilemmas which drive me nuts.  Very seldom do I get attached to material items.  I am almost always willing to sell my art, my guitars or anything, especially if it means I can make more images with the money!  Maybe I’ll hold out a little longer?  Attachment is a killer!

Maybe I should set up a shoot in my new Mercedes and see how it looks.  This way I can see if I wish to move forward with a new car.  Plus this gives me an excuse to set up another shoot! I like the way I can convince myself of these things so easily.  Okay, so this is the current answer, the price will remain higher until I see what a shoot in the new car looks like.  Unless a better offer comes in, then I might be forced to sell it.  Oh crap, here I go again….

Brittany by The Average Jim