The Collector’s Circle

I am going to do my best to make this not sound like a sales pitch as I hate being a salesman.  But this is my new pricing platform.  My primary clients are actually brides and grooms, women who wish to have boudoir sessions and private collectors who commission me to create books, prints and other photographic items.  So to just put it all out there here is how I will now be doing business.

For boudoir and wedding clients, you may either purchase a black book for $599, a wedding album for $2500 or become a member of my Collector’s Circle.  All products and services for members of The Collector’s Circle are 50% off of regular price.  For the people who wish to be part of the circle who are not in need of the services listed above here are the perks.  You get to see the art prints and books and any item that will be for sale before anyone else.  So you get your pick first, before anyone else, and you will receive the lowest numbered prints and books.  Each level of membership also comes with a monthly email/newsletter with updates, exclusive images and each member will be sent a one of a kind gift, it will be the only one of it’s kind in existence.

This is something I have actually already started and one of the other perks is receiving sneak peeks, behind the scenes images and being able to have custom photo sessions performed for your own private viewing.  I have members already who love the type of work I do but either cannot do the work themselves, or some of them have jobs where they cannot risk photographing nude models themselves.  There is total privacy available to those who wish to have it and for the rest I will thank them in my books by name because it is primarily because of these people why I am able to create some of the images I create!

If anyone is curious, just click on the link above “The Collector’s Circle” and you can see the details.  If you have questions the best way is to email me.

There are more perks, but I prefer to end the sales pitch here.  This is just my post for putting it out there.  Personally I wish to talk more about what inspires me and what pushes me to create rather than what I need to do to make it all happen!  But this is what being an artist of any kind is like these days!  This year I had a successful crowd funding campaign and it made me realize that there are people out there who are still willing to spend money on art.

This year I am going after my dreams and pushing myself to create better images and books than I ever have before.  I told myself many years ago that all I wanted to do was to become an artist.  So far I have followed through on this and somehow made a living working as an artist!  I survived the recession, don’t ask me how!  I have been booking clients when others have not and have continued to push myself to get better and come up with new creative ideas every year.  I’m proud of myself for sticking to my guns, even when I took a slight break and left the commercial part of the industry, which was a totally needed exit!

I am probably taking a risk here but I have lived by taking risks since I was a kid!  I was the first to build a bigger ramp for my BMX bike, I was the first of my friends to attempt jumping a chair on my skateboard when I was 9, I have taken chances my whole life, why stop now?  You have to go after what you want, what you want won’t come knocking on your door if you’re just sitting at home watching TV!

I’m sure I’ll get a few emails or messages about what I am doing here, some will love it, some will hate it.  But it is what it is and it is what I am doing!  And I know it can work because I already have some membership spaces filled.  To these new members I say thank you thank you thank you!

Here is one from a shoot I did a couple of years ago in NYC.  I really need to do an entire post about this shoot, one of the most inspiring people I have ever photographed.  I am one lucky person!

Gracesa by The Average Jim