It’s All Happening

One of my favorite lines from the movie Almost Famous is “it’s all happening” and the excitement that comes with it.  Well, it’s all happening here too!  I’ve got so many projects coming to an end and finally ready for publication and have finally finished my book on The Seduction Sessions!  The first copies will be arriving the first week of November!  Naked Travels will be wrapping up very soon too!  By the first week of December that project should be totally finished!  And then I might have to start Naked Travels 2.0 the first of next year.

But I have another new project I am working on!  It is a series of books.  Each book is a different part of the series, I will share some of the images here on this site but the majority will only be available in the book.  The whole reason I am doing this is because I really believe in having tangible pieces of my work out there and not just floating around out on the web.  The series is based on my Playground and the different sets I have shot over the past few years.  Some of the books will be from editorials I have shot for magazines but with many more images!

When I shoot editorials, there are usually so many great shots to choose from, but we have to narrow it down to 10-12 images for publication.  I figure, why not take these shoots and show the entire story, not edited down to so few images, but enough to have a small book made just from the session!  I have many sessions where there are 50-100 keepers easy.  And There are some models where I have shot multiple sessions with them so why not show this work?  I didn’t shoot these images to leave them hiding on my hard drive, I shot them so the world could see them!

I will be trying to edit at least one book every two weeks or less!  I am almost finished with the first book.  Once it is ready I will be posting it here and on my shop for people to purchase it at a very reasonable price!

Here is one of the images from the first book, it is from my editorial shoot with Kara, and just remember, it’s all happening!

Kara by The Average Jim