The Interactive Jim

I really like working with clients in many different kinds of ways.  And when I say “client” I mean anyone who is willing to pay for a photo shoot, mentoring or even a one-on-one workshop.  I really like the creative process and being able to work together with others to make it happen.

One of my latest creations is taking workshops to a different level.  Some people charge $1200 for a one day workshop where you are in a group of several photographers and working with a few different models and you don’t really get a lot of shooting time with the model.  I want to offer something different.  I wish to offer the solo workshop.  This is where you get the full attention of a workshop but you are the only one shooting.  This way you get my full attention, help with the direction of the model and how I would shoot and edit an entire session.

To me I don’t want to make a living out of teaching workshops but I really enjoy working with other photographers and I don’t want to work with large groups.  My last workshop was a small group and it really worked well.  It really made me want to do more things like this.  I’ll be making a page on this site soon with rates and what they include, but the individual workshops will probably be around $1200 and include a magazine quality model, one on one mentoring and shooting along with hair and make up, wardrobe and a stylized shoot.  Of course this would be how I style my shoots and come up with my ideas.  This is why I need to write it all out, otherwise I get lost in my own description!

The other thing I have been doing lately is kind of a “collector’s circle” where people get to see my work before anyone else.  There is a small monthly fee for this, but depending on what package you would like you have the ability to see all the photos from a shoot or the “director’s cut” and just the final images I choose before narrowing it down for magazine submission.  This also comes with up to 50% off of art prints, including my collection of Polaroid and Fuji Instax instant one of a kind prints.  This is just one way of being able to offer savings to those who like my work and who wish to purchase art for themselves!  There are also some gifts which come along with these packages, if you’d like to know what they are send me an email.  These packages start at just $49.00 a month!  I will be talking a little more about these packages in the days and weeks to come, including a really cool one where you get to help in the selection process from picking the model all the way to the final edits!

Life is good here at The Average Jim’s Playground, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon!

Here is one more Fuji Instax print which will be on by the end of the week, in fact there is a whole series of Jessamyne which will be up for sale!

Jessamyne by The Average Jim