Cult Classic Freedom

We live in an interesting world.  I am starting to realize that, if I were to compare myself to the movie industry, I am not an Oscar Award winning movie.  I am more of a cult classic.  The jury is still out if I am Attack of The Killer Tomatoes or Night of The Living Dead but I am kind of hoping more for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I do not think I was ever meant to be main stream in anything I have ever done.  I think my censor has always been a little off from the norm.  I like weird things, I like taking photos that are not quite the typical fashion or glamour type of images.  This is why I will do things completely differently from other photographers.  I like the freedom of expression that comes with what I do.  There are no rules, just a different point of view.

It really seems that the only trouble I have ever had in this business is when I have tried to do things the way you are supposed to.  When I follow the rules is when people seem to get upset, or when they call the cops!  But when I do some weird stuff or travel to places I probably should not be, there is never an issue.  Not that I’m doing anything that bad at all, but when you follow the rules you tend to be open to more eyes who assume you are doing something wrong.

I think I like my cult status.  It allows me to be me without regret, without responsibility!  I have no guidelines or preconceived notions to follow.  I’m the quarterback who gets to call his own plays.  This is freedom, this is fun!  I think I want to keep it this way for as long as possible!

Here is an outtake from my editorial shoot with Chelsea for Cake-Mag, still one of my favorite shoots and I’m still finding confetti everywhere!

Chelsea by The Average Jim