Lighting the Fire

Funny story.  I am in the process of finally finishing up my long awaited book on The Seduction Sessions.  I started this project many years ago and the whole reason I never finished the book is, if I am being honest, I wanted to keep shooting it!  It is a fun project and can be taken into some pretty cool directions.  But the funny part is why I am wrapping it all up.  My mom wants a copy of the book!

Yes, The Average Mother is the one who is lighting a fire under my ass to get this book printed and ordered!  I find it funny because so many people in the past have questioned me about shooting nudes and some erotic type of work.  Some have said I just want to see nude women, some have said I must do this type of work for sexual gratification or because I want to have an affair with the models.  Nope, I grew up in a home where nudity was not taboo and sexuality was not a sin.

So while so many have condemned my work, granted there have been many more who like what I do and have encouraged it, but I think my biggest fan is my own mother.  So she will be getting the very first copy of The Seduction Sessions.  I think she deserves it, after all, she raised The Average Jim as a child, I think she is happy to just have lived through that!

Here is one that I have probably published on this site before, or at least a version of it, but oh well.  Here is Kendra.

Kendra by The Average Jim