House Guests at The Average Jim’s Playground

A few weeks ago my friend Roarie came out to visit us in Palm Springs.  She is a traveling model, literally just travels the world modeling for photographers and artists.  We met her years ago when she was just starting out and have been friends ever since!  This is the cool side of the industry, or I should say the good side.  When you get to meet like minded people who just want to create fun images, sometimes artistic sometimes just silly!

This time she brought some friends with her, another model and a photographer from Australia.  I made us tacos, we had some drinks, hung out in the pool and hot tub later on and just had a good time.  These are the days I really like.  Good times with good people.  This is what I love about The Average Jim’s Playground, fun just seems to happen here!  That and people tend to run around naked a lot.

Of course I had to shoot with Roarie when she was here!  We did some different styles, and we also shot some Fuji Instax instant film.  We also shot for my Naked Travels project!  Some of these photos you can see on my tumblr and some you will be able to purchase on my online store very soon and some you will only be able to see in the Naked Travels book!  But for now, here is one of Roarie and Brittany just hanging out in the pool!