The Fun-Loving, Beer Drinking, Making Sexy Happen Average Jim

If there is one thing I am not good at in life it would be taking anything seriously.  I have a deep passion for photography and art and the whole creative process, but I just can’t be super serious about it.  If I’m not having fun and enjoying it then I am doing something wrong!  And I don’t mean the cheesy way photographers are always prancing around in their designer jeans, fancy shirt and talking about how cool their job is type of fun.  I mean, I just like to shoot what I like to shoot!  Which just so happens to be fun editorial styles for weddings, boudoir photography and every now and then I will still shoot a fun magazine editorial.

Here is a little bit about me, and maybe you can see where I’m heading with my work right now.  I like cars, motorcycles, guitars, living life to the fullest and a cold beer!  I don’t mix words, I’ll tell you how I feel about something and you will definitely know if I don’t like something.  The Average Jim’s Playground is a no bullshit zone.

I’ve seen other photographers write about how boudoir is such a great experience and how it empowers women.  I will agree with this 100%, but it is also about embracing the sexier side of yourself!  I have shot for several magazines over the years and the idea is always about creating a mood which is sexy, powerful and a total tease.  Leave them wanting more!  Even if it is a nude shoot, leave them wanting more!

From now on my boudoir sessions will probably be my focus, more than the editorials.  But these sessions will not be normal boudoir sessions as I was to bring my editorial, crazy, fun styles to all of my boudoir sessions!  These sessions will take longer, and no mini sessions will be available as I will be putting the same type of pre-production work into a boudoir session as I would for a magazine editorial.  Mood boards, discussing the shoot beforehand and prepping the sets and props.

I’m not the guy who will have a stupid little hairdo and squiggly patterns on his designer shirt.  I’m a t-shirt and jeans, cowboy hat or baseball cap wearing, beer drinking, fun-loving, hard rock loving, guy who just wants to create beautiful images with awesome people.  As I have always said, I make sexy happen, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Here is one from a recent shoot at my new playground in Palm Springs!

Jessamyne by The Average Jim