Okay, so I have taken some time away from this site just to get my bearings straight, my ducks in a row and to clear the cobwebs from my brain.  In all of this time I have come to one single conclusion.  I have no clue where to go next or what road to take.  I am a beach bum at heart and I am pretty sure I will always be this way.

To anyone who doesn’t know me, I am one of those people who tend to wear many different hats.  Some call it a Jack of all Trades but I prefer the term “Renaissance Man”.  I am a photographer, a carpenter, a musician, a writer and I have a few other skills out there that I can pull out of my hat every now and then.  My latest project has been recycling.  Not in the conventional way you might think of when you hear the word recycle.

I have been collecting discarded wood from old pallets, leftovers from construction sites and from some contractors I know.  We have so much trash in our landfills and I hate to see beautiful wood just thrown away or burned!  I am using this wood as decor at the moment.  Wood that would have been used for dirty work is now a beautiful art piece.  I will have photos coming in the near future as I am almost finished with the loft I have built in my studio space.

With photography becoming more of a side job for me I have been looking for another creative outlet to challenge me.  I think this might be the one!  My goal is to have a small shop set up by the end of the year which will be solely dedicated to creating recycled wood furniture and decor.  There are many hurdles to jump before I can make this happen, but with a little hard work and a lot of luck it just might happen!

Of course I will always be a photographer and I will still be sharing my work here on this site! Some things will never change!