Taking It Back

For over the past year I had decided to really push my photography business.  I worked with fashion models, clothing companies and several other clients along the way.  So I was really branching out, moving away from photographing weddings and portraits.  I had worked with several models and actors over the years, but it was usually just people I knew or referrals from other’s I knew who were working in the industry.  It was never a full-time job, not to be confusing, but even though photography was my full-time job, working in the entertainment/fashion industry was not.

So for about the past 18 months I have been pursuing work in the entertainment industry.  These are some of the things I have found out about others and myself.  Networking is a popularity contest and you have to agree with everything people say if you want to work with them.  Lies are told on a regular basis so people can make themselves look and feel better about themselves.  If you have integrity you miss out on a lot of opportunities.  Self-help people and life coaches are really there just to pat you on the back and tell you how wonderful you are, most just want your money.  Sex sells, and it also gets you the job.

I tried to “play the game” for a year.  Honestly, it was killing me.  It brought out more negativity than I could ever have imagined.  I don’t like being negative, I don’t like being around negative people.  I was given unsolicited advice about how to live my life by some of the biggest hypocrites I have ever met.  Well, now, I’m done.  Not with photography, not with working with models and actors.  I’m just going back to the way I used to do it.  If you’re cool and a positive person I will photograph you.  If you’re just playing the game of trying to get likes on your Facebook page or you want some sort of weird attention from me, I’m just not into that.

I have even left many photography forums because of the amount of negative energy that is created in them.  Most of the complaints come from part-time photographers who have no idea how to run a business.  Or there are people who complain about those who do make a lot of money and the list goes on and on.

Courtney by The Average Jim

This may sound like I am complaining, but I’m really not.  This is just my own little experience and it is being told from my side of the fence.  Basically, I’m going back to my own little world here at the beach.  This is where everything is nice and peaceful.  No drama, no competition, just wonderful sunny days working with some great clients.

I will continue to photograph weddings, portraits, landscapes, my pets, and I might even still do some fashion work.  I am even doing more woodworking and construction again along with playing music.  To me it has always been about balance and I feel like I had lost it over the last year.  I want it back and the only way to get it back is to take it back.

Jana by The Average Jim

I am a practicing beach bum.  Some people practice medicine, some practice the law, I practice living life in a positive, laid-back style.  No worries, positive vibes and good times.  This is my new goal, everything else is in the past.