The Original Average Jim’s Playground

A week ago today I spent the very last day at my original playground.  After 17 years and two months, I said goodbye to my studio in Ventura, CA.  I know it is for the best and I absolutely love my new playground in Palm Springs, CA, but it was a little sad saying goodbye after all of these years.

I photographed numerous clients in this space, everything from boudoir photography, look books, portraits, commercial jobs, and the list goes on and on.  If I listed everyone who I photographed at this studio (which I would probably forget many names to put on the list) it would be the longest blog post ever!

I find myself trying to figure out what is next?  I already have a great place to shoot, but what will I be photographing next?  I’m two hours outside of LA so I won’t be doing much agency model work at all, at least not for the agencies.  The population out this way is not as big as where I was so I can’t count on the number of boudoir sessions as before.  But what do I want to do?

Honestly, I want to do whatever I want to do!  This is a new chapter in my photographic life.  I honestly don’t care if I get published, if I become tumblr famous or if people stop following me because I’m not the “coolest” photographer on Instagram.  I don’t care about fake followers and I am smart enough to know I’m a big enough asshole to never win a popularity contest.

Now I just wish to shoot what I wish to shoot.  I like shooting weddings and photographing women.  I think for now I will just keep on doing that.  Some jobs will pay better than others, but that is fine with me.

It is hard to say goodbye, but that is what happens when you rent, they can raise the rent, you can choose not to renew the lease, and the building can change ownership, or all of the above!  It was fun while it lasted, I will probably never have a space quite like this again.  But my new space needs to be photographed more.  I need to push forward and find my new thing.

So be ready for new images coming very soon!  I have many new ideas and I can’t wait to start shooting again!  But for now, I just want to say goodbye old friend.  Thank you for many years of wonderful craziness and adventures!  You will never be forgotten and the memories will last a lifetime.

I honestly could not pick out one photo to put on the blog for this, so I decided to put up many photos, all taken at The Average Jim’s Playground in Ventura.  😉

Amanda by The Average Jim Robyn by The Average Jim Casey by The Average Jim Kayle and Parris by The Average Jim Roarie and Lola by The Average Jim Roarie by The Average Jim Kara by The Average Jim Chelsea by The Average Jim Desirey by The Average Jim Lucy by The Average Jim Jessica by The Average Jim Tori by The Average Jim Jillian by The Average Jim Olivia Jordan by The Average Jim Danielle and Louie by The Average Jim Hope by The Average Jim Amanda by The Average Jim