Peace and Harmony at The Playground

There is a freedom when you begin working for yourself.  I am lucky enough to where I have figured out how to be a working photographer and still only really shoot for myself.  I don’t know exactly how I found this little bit of harmony but I am not letting go!

For years I struggled with rates, I struggled with competition, I just struggled!  These days it is more about having fun with what I do and only shooting what I want to shoot.  This makes for a very happy Jim!

About two and a half weeks ago I held a little workshop at my place in Palm Springs.  It was a small, intimate workshop, I can’t handle doing a huge one, I’d get lost!  Of all the feedback I got this was one thing that really stood out to me.  The attendees were happy that I fed them and just kept it real.  I was kind of shocked that people would go to an all day workshop and pay what they pay and not get fed!  Sorry, but I’m not good when I’m “hangry” and I don’t expect others to work under those conditions either.

But this goes back to what I mentioned about finding harmony with what you do.  I run my workshops the way I run my business and my life.  I like to be happy, I like food and talking with people.  When I shoot I have fun, if I stop having fun I need to stop being a photographer!  I will not let the industry get me down, they can have all the drama and chaos they create.  I am in my own little world, my playground is my sanctuary!  This is where I can let go and just be me.  I encourage everyone to find their place and hold on to it for as long as they can!

Here is a series that was totally unplanned, it was at the end of the workshop and Amanda really wanted to play on the slide. 🙂 Amanda by The Average Jim