Getting Off My Ass

I’ve had a really good run in the photo industry.  There are times I have felt like giving up, times when I wanted to take on the world and times when I wanted to avoid the entire world and just create images for the sake of taking photos.

Sometimes you care what people think and other times you just don’t care at all.  This is a strange profession for me as I am a bit of a narcissist, but in a good way, and I like being on both sides of the camera.  I was an actor for a bit, back in the day yo.

I have this strange desire to work in front of and behind the camera at the same time, but while still being the one who directs and shoots.  I have a plan for this, but it is going to take some doing!  This is what happens when you don’t like working with assistants and I would rather be mad at myself for taking the wrong photo than have an assistant take the wrong photo.  I don’t like blaming others, I’d rather blame myself.  This way I also get the credit when it goes right!  See, I’m a kind and good narcissist.

I shouldn’t say I don’t like working with others, because I do sometimes.  I had a great workshop experience a couple of weeks ago.  I hadn’t really posted since then because I’ve been recovering and while I did attempt to write one blog, it was pretty rude about someone I don’t like in the industry, so I just let it go.

The workshop was fun, and it made me consider actually doing another one this fall or winter.  But we will see, this one went really well and I feel like I made some new friends and just had a really good time.  It was nice to be inspired at my own workshop, and I hope the attendees feel the same way!

So while I had considered phasing out part of my photographic work, I’m just not quite ready yet.  I have too many unfinished ideas.  Now begins the task of making it happen again.  I’ve spent enough time on my but in front of the TV, time to get back to it!

Here is one I liked from the workshop, it is of Amanda at Salvation Mountain.

Amanda by The Average Jim