Thanks for F’n it up for the rest of us!

I feel like I’ve messed up lately.  I’ve been taking time away from blogging and not talking about the photo industry because I have just wanted to remove myself from it in many different ways.  Part of me feels like an outcast simply because I tell the truth.  I see magazines with photos that have seriously shitty composition and when I say something I’m a “hater”.  Bullshit, just because you have a camera and a model in front of you does not make you a good photographer, not even if it gets published.  There are some people who work for magazines who have degrees who don’t know shit about good photography.

There was one other thing that came up lately which I kept away from for the most part.  This whole deal with Taylor Swift and her contract with photographers.  So many photographers are bitching about the fact that she gets control of images blah blah blah.  Then it happened again with The Foo Fighters.  Do you want to know why these contracts exist?  Because photographers have misrepresented performing artists in the past.  Remember that terrible picture of Beyoncé from the Super Bowl?  The one where you muscles are all in a convulsion.  Well maybe if photographers didn’t leak the bad photos celebrities would not have to worry about how they were going to be represented.

From the few celebrities I have photographed I do have some very bad photos in the archives, if they have not yet been deleted that is.  I had a nip-slip of someone and that photo got deleted because I never want to be the photographer who shot a photo like that, even if someone stole it from me I would get blamed so I just deleted it.  Now I’m safe and so is my subject.

Just like everything else in life the few ruin it for the many.  So the next time I hear a photographer bitching about someone not letting them use “their” photos I will remind them that the whole reason it says “do not drink” on a bottle of Drano is because some idiot out there drank it and tried to blame the company.  The whole reason that there are contracts which limit what photographers can do is because of opportunists who try to capitalize on the misfortune of others.

You have a lot of power as a photographer.  You want someone like Taylor Swift to give you permission to use all of the photos?  Then build a career with integrity and build a reputation for only showing the best images.  I know a few people who have built this type of reputation with celebrities and they never have an issue with them simply because they only show them in the best way possible.

So what is my point in all of this?  Photographers, stop fucking it up for yourselves!  Stop putting out shitty work, stop trying to get noticed for the wrong reasons.  If you wanted to be famous you really should not have taken a career behind the camera!  It is like a screenwriter getting pissy because the star of the movie gets the limelight.

This won’t stop the shitty work or the opportunistic behavior of many photographers, it is as if I’m asking the paparazzi to suddenly have a soul.  I’m just saying that these doors are closing on you because someone did something stupid and now we all have to pay the price.

Here is one more from my shoot with Cortney Palm from Zombeavers…. I just love that movie title!

Cortney Palm by The Average Jim