Feel The Love

Apparently I’m an asshole.  Simply because I speak the truth that people don’t want to hear.  I get shit from people because I offer a workshop, yet a few years back I shot an editorial for a major magazine and a week later a photographer hires the same model, shoots nearly the same thing and puts up a workshop on “how to shoot fashion editorial” when he only had less than 5 editorials (none in actual print) and used the image that looked very very similar to the one I shot for a publication with the same model.  But I’m the asshole.

I guess my downfall is that I don’t lie.  I don’t claim to make $150,000 and barely work, I don’t claim that this is an easy career choice.  I work my ass off in many different fields of photography in order to make a living as a photographer and not need to have another job.

Of course people outside of the photo industry actually do recognize my work.  Which that is technically the most important part of my career.  You see, I am able to make contacts with clients and models and thousands of people outside of the photography industry, this is how you make money and survive.

Here is a little story, and this has not lead to a paid job…. yet.  A few weeks ago I was home alone and wanted to drink some adult beverages and watch a movie on Netflix.  Well, my wife and another friend of mine told me about the movie Zombeavers and I thought, why not?  Well I take an Instagram photo of my beer and the movie title and tag it #Zombeavers.  What do you know, one of the stars of the film likes my photo and this leads to a conversation.  This conversation led to a photo shoot.  This photo shoot is now on Arsenic Magazine’s website and I have built a great working relationship with a cool person in the entertainment industry.

I look for outlets outside of the photo industry.  I look for opportunity and I take it when it comes along.  I wrote about that the other day, so go read that if you want more on the topic.

Anyway, here is the shoot that happened all because I wanted to drink cheap American beer and watch a B-movie!

This is one of the stars of Zombeavers, Cortney Palm @vegan_actress on Instagram and @cortneypalm5 on twitter.  Go follow her, she rocks!  Go click the little heart and like the photo set here Arsenic Magazine

Cortney Palm by The Average Jim