The Average Hunger Games

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve slacked on the blog again.  But if it makes you feel any better I have been working and getting a time-out from Instagram.  I guess promoting your new account is frowned upon. Sorry for being popular, and motivated.

I think the one thing that has kept me going over all of the years is the hunger.  I am still hungry to pursue this career.  I remember photographing all of my classmates back in 1991 in college and making them pose for me, which actually turned into a career because of that!  I was hungry then and I am still hungry.

I shot a killer session last week and am dying to share it with everyone, but I am waiting to see if it gets picked up by a magazine first.  Some of them want to be the first to show it, dammit.  But it will be on here soon!  And I’m sure I will post an image from that shoot every day for two weeks!  Okay, enough about that.

The whole point is to keep up the drive, even when you want to quit and say fuck it all.  When you see new photographers shooting crappy editorials for free and getting known for it.  But what is all that attention for if you can’t pay the rent?

Technology has made it easier to get published, but it has also made it easier to fail.  That first little burst of success comes much easier these days and crawling up the rungs of the ladder may not be as easy.  Insta-fame is not all it is cracked up to be.  But I guess you gotta play the game.  The thing you gotta remember about the game is that you need to have a game plan.  This is where 20 + years of hunger comes into the equation.

I’ve got my plans, I’ve got my whole year planned out now.  It will be the same old Average Jim, but a lot more of the fun stuff!  I may be King of the GWC’s in some respects, but if that is what the camera gods have in store for me I’ll take that ball of T&A and run with it!

Stay hungry my friends. 😉

Here is a film shot back from an editorial shoot I had with Jessica Today

Jessica Today by The Average Jim