Making it work

I feel like I sometimes do better with more on my plate rather than less.  When I don’t have a lot going on I feel like I forget everything and just want to lay around and not be creative.  But now that I’m putting together this workshop in July and starting to get busy with shoots again I feel more centered and like I’m pushing forward.  Also with my Naked Travels getting funded I’m feeling pretty good about finally finishing the book!

But more about the workshop.  I’m not going to keep discussing what will be discussed, as I am working on the plans for it still and trying to cram all of the information I can into two days!  The whole idea behind this workshop is to host a workshop that teaches what I feel is the real side of this business.  I have spoken at major photography conferences before and hosted workshops before.  But honestly this isn’t my main gig.  My main gig is as a working photographer.  So the information I want to give is based off of how to make a living as a full time photographer.  I know some people make their living off of teaching workshops.  And that is great if you want to learn a specific photographic technique.  But when some of those photographers (who teach workshops) have asked questions how my wife and I are able to book clients and make money, well that says a lot about what they are teaching.

I’m an open book, if you have questions please let me know.  Here is a photo of the info for The Average Jim Workshop.

The Average Workshop