Workshop Update Again

Holy crap things have been busy lately!  The studio has been booked and so many other little things going on that I just have not had a chance to post here!  I just did a shoot for my Naked Travels project, thanks to the wonderful people who donated to my Indiegogo campaign!  Those who donated will be getting a sneak peek via email very soon, and I’m pretty sure they are going to like it!

You can view Naked Travels Here and donate if you can or want to help!

Aside from that I have also been planning the workshop for July.  Busy busy busy!  I think I am going to add a few things to the list on the workshop, of course, any and all questions will be answered.  I shoot nearly everything, fashion, glamour, editorial, portfolio, natural light, studio light, weddings, portraits and on down the list.  I am a people photographer, so whether I am working with an agency model for their portfolio or shooting a wedding I am happy because I get to work with people!  So I thought I would add how to work with agency models and how to get agencies to want to work with you.  It isn’t too tricky, but there are some key points to be able to make it happen and happen over and over.  And then there is how to make money once you’ve got your portfolio.  I will also offer portfolio review, we can go over your portfolio and see what is missing and if it flows properly.  I am constantly changing mine based off of the type of work I wish to get.

If anyone has questions before committing to the workshop please email me at and I will get back to you right away!  I’m hoping to make a more philosophical blog post tomorrow or the next day, today has been too filled with business, I need to clear my head! 😉

Here is one from the archives!  Back from my shoot with Adrienne Manning

Adrienne by The Average Jim