The Average Jim’s Playground Now Open 24/7

There are some big things coming soon from The Average Jim’s Playground!  More boudoir, more “Naked Travels” and more editorial shoots too!  I took a break from the industry for a little while because I was getting burned out.  It happens every now and then.  But I am back and for the past month the creative juices have been flowing!

Yesterday I had a random shoot.  Yes totally random.  A good friend was supposed to shoot with Stacey, well she had car trouble and asked if I would shoot with her.  Well, yeah, of course I would!

So, without any knowing of what I was going to shoot we just took what she had for wardrobe and I took what I had here at my playground and made it work!  It turned into a very nice little boudoir session.

I love having a gritty look to the images, there are ways to create this look in post-production, or you can just live at a home like I do and be lucky enough to have what I like to call “natural filters” available.

I’ll be sharing more from this shoot soon, but I need to get ready for my shoot tomorrow, and yes, the Mercedes is involved. 😉

Here is one of Stacey from yesterday’s shoot.

Stacey Lea by The Average Jim