The Average Tumblr

I’m always digging through my archives from older shoots and I was doing this yet again the other day.  I realized that there are thousands of photos that I have never shown anyone.  But then I realized that this is why there is tumblr!

So as of yesterday I am bombarding my tumblr with new photos from past photo shoots, and when I say bombarding I mean it!  I am posting at least 50 new photos a day!  With the amount of photos I have this could last for months!

I used to post one image a day on this site, but that means I would still not have time to post all the good ones from every shoot.  So if you want to see entire sessions, or just a lot of photos from each session I highly suggest you follow my tumblr.

Here is one from my session with Emmy, this whole session is being put on tumblr now over the next couple of days!

Emmy by The Average Jim