The Inspiration Experiment

I have decided to do an experiment.  I have complained and ranted on about some things I don’t like about the photo industry but now I am actually going to try some of these things I have complained about and see if they benefit me in any way.  The first thing I am going to do is a tumblr experiment.  I am going to fill up my blog with “inspiration” along with my own work and see what happens.  I’m sure I will gain more followers but will it have an impact on my business?

I will then start methodically posting on Instagram, maybe even start a new account to see how it works from the beginning.  Using certain hashtags, posting the right kind of photos etc.  I will see how many followers I can get by using certain tactics I have read about.

The whole goal is to see if the time put into this will benefit my actual income of my business as a photographer.  Maybe I am wrong with the way I have complained about things in the past, so instead of continuing to rant I am going to see for myself what the big deal is and if these “proven tactics” actually work.

I know, I must have too much free time on my hands to do this right?  True, but sometimes you have to make the time to make the money.  Plus now when my wife asks me what I’m doing on the internet I can honestly say I’m working. 😉

Carle by The Average Jim