F the Histogram

Photography is a field in which there are many different opinions about what is good and what is not.  For some they rely on the science of it.  What does the histogram look like?  Blah blah blah technical talk.  To me this is taking a well exposed picture, but it is only a small element of what photography really is.

I remember when my wife was talking about style to a large group of photographers this one guy kept interrupting her and telling her the exposure was wrong and if she just turned up the light a little bit she would deliver a “better” image to the model.  My wife then said that she likes the way the shadow wraps around her face and he still didn’t get it, he kept pointing to the histogram and saying it was wrong, but he never really looked at the actual image.

Back when we were all shooting film there was no histogram, this is why I say fuck the histogram!  I know some photographers will tell me I’m wrong for saying this but I don’t really care.  I shoot for mood and for the vision of what I want to show the world.  If I want it dark and moody I’ll shoot it dark and moody dammit!

Take a chance on your photography, yes you need good composition, but take chances and push your own boundaries.  Don’t settle for what some lame photography manual tells you or what some idiot in the crowd says is right.  There is an old saying, those who follow the crowd tend to never do better than the crowd.  Take a different path and see where it leads you.  Be different, be unique and have your own vision.  This is how I shoot everything.  Whether it is a wedding, boudoir, fashion or anything, I shoot the way I see the world.  Now it is the only way I can take photos.  I have been on my own path for so long I don’t even know where the crowd is anymore.

Here is a shot where the histogram would have told me I was wrong, but I wouldn’t know because this is on film. 😉

Jessica by The Average Jim