I have been working on a new blog.  One that is more geared towards clients and the work I do for them.  I have come to realize that this site is definitely more about me, my views on the photography industry and just total randomness.  It is the link on the top menu of this blog called “Americana Glam”.

With that being said it is kind of nice to have even more freedom to go off leash here on this site.  I know I still have clients who read my rants, and have actually become fans of them, but I think I need a softer, gentler site for my clients.  Even though the images will be the same!  We will see if it works or not.  As of right now I’m just trying to figure it all out.  Story of my life!

This is my playground, this is where I can experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.  I need a place to play, and this is where I do it!  Oh, I think I hear the recess bell….

Codi by The Average Jim