Back to Boudoir?

I hate it when I get a new idea and it is seriously one of the best ideas I have had in a very long time and I’m not quite sure how to make it happen.  I’m driving myself crazy with this because it is exactly where I want to go with my work!  This all came from viewing a folder of past client work and one of my boudoir clients and she just nailed it with her shoot!  I can’t share the images because of the privacy agreement, but damn, she did an amazing job running with the concept!

There are a few other clients I wish I could share on here as well, but when they want privacy I make sure they get it!  But that is a different topic all together.  I was going through old client images because I like seeing the difference between my boudoir clients and the models I work with, and there are several clients who were every bit as good as the models I’ve worked with and even better than a lot of the models I’ve worked with!  I always love it when a client comes in and just rocks the shoot!

I was going to step back from shooting boudoir this year, but now I think I may need to restart this business with my new idea, if I can pull it off!  Honestly, it isn’t the best business plan as far as making a lot of money, but it is affordable and will be super cool and fun.  To me that is what this is all about, having fun and just living the life!  But if I go back to boudoir, it definitely will not be the typical boudoir you see from other photographers, it will be something totally different!


Kaley and Parris by The Average Jim