The Epiphany Addendum

Yesterday I talked about why I don’t go to certain photography conferences.  I would like to make an addendum to that post, and here it is.

I live in Palm Springs, and we have one of the best photo festivals around!  Now this really isn’t your typical photography conference.  They bring in industry professionals from all over the world as well as some of the most respected, working photographers.  A four-day workshop with a master is the same as some hacks charge!  This is the real deal.  So real, that I am actually volunteering just so I can be a part of it!

There is only one issue I have with it.  This festival feeds my wanderlust a little too much.  It pushes me to push myself and dive into the type of work I wish to create more of.  And when I get in this mood my first thought is to put everything I own up for sale on Craigslist and take off with my Mercedes, a backpack and my camera!  I call it “The Average Jim’s Adventure Kit.”

I woke up way to early this morning thinking of my future travels and what I should be doing next to get there.  I came up with some ideas, now I must sort them out and figure out which ones are realistic and which ones are pure fantasy!  Sometimes it is hard to tell!

I made the joke about my muse being inside of my head and just tormenting me a few posts ago.  Well it is true!  And she likes to wake me up at 4 AM and give me thousands of ideas and she leaves me there to sift through them for the good ones.  Sometimes I pick the right ones, sometimes I don’t.  I’m starting to think my muse might be a little bipolar.

The thing I need to focus on more is only shooting what inspires me.  This is tricky as well because it also means turning down work, and as an artist money is something you usually need.  But when you take that risk, sometimes there is a greater reward.  Or sometimes you end up homeless.

Something tells me to wait for this festival and wait until I can talk to more artists who have a similar career as to what I wish to have.  Basically taking my own advice from yesterday.  Meet someone who is doing what I wish to do, someone’s work that I admire and talk to them directly.  No aimlessly searching for answers, but going directly to the source.  It could be like a prescription of lithium for my muse! 😉

This is from one of my favorite sessions.  Nothing fancy, just a really cool shoot.

Gracesa by The Average Jim