Inspiration is a MF’er

Inspiration is a mother fucker.  There are days when you just want to curl up and quit and sometimes this stretch will go on for days or even weeks.  But then, out of nowhere, suddenly you have this little flicker of a thought, which turns into an idea, which turns into hope which turns into obsession.  And this is a cycle which repeats itself over and over throughout your career!  Just when you think you have it figured out, it disappears and leaves you alone only to return again when least expected.

Every time it leaves you swear you are done, you swear you will never put yourself through that again.  It is the most dysfunctional relationship you will ever have, and it is totally emotionally abusive in my opinion!  Inspiration is like heroin, you are always chasing the dragon, except that every time it strikes it is the best high ever!  This must be why so many artists have had their muse, maybe one day I’ll find one and stick to it.  But I seriously doubt that.  I think my muse is somewhere in my head, messing with me.

So yes, I was inspired again, and now sit here totally confused.  Fuck you inspiration!  You addicting, lovable, heart-breaking, head-pounding source of all frustration and exhilaration!  And also, thank you. 😉

Jana by The Average Jim