I am at a strange point in my career.  I seem to be caring less about how to get hired out as a photographer and wish to pursue making more art.  And I don’t mean going out and shooting models in the desert, there are enough guys doing that already and also my landscape work isn’t the best!  I’m talking about playing around more with multi-media and different ideas.  There are a million photographers out there these days, and honestly my lifestyle work is being duplicated all the time!  My wife saw a shot the other day and said “how often does this guy copy you?”  Because his Instagram feed was filled with shots that were all very similar to what you would see here on this site…. down to the pose and prop!

This is where I feel that my days a being just a photographer are near the end.  I need to push my own boundaries and knowledge to keep improving and keep pushing forward.  I have never been one to settle and I have also never been one to give up.  I’ve gone off the deep end on several occasions and have always come back with a new idea.  I’m still working on my animated project, the working title is “Imajimnation” and it is going fairly well.  I’ve made some prints, made some art pieces and have some new ideas for a delivery system, but overall it is an idea I feel is heading in the right direction.

I think my biggest downfall is the internet, it is a catch-22.  I love posting work but as soon as you post it someone else tries to steal it.  I don’t care about reblogging or stuff like that.  It is more of the people who are technically savvy and not so creative.  So they steal your creative idea and try to push it as their own.  Or slightly change it and call it originality.  Whatever, life is too short to worry about it for more than 30 seconds.  But I’m sure I’ll think about it again tomorrow for 30 seconds, that is just my nature.

Right now I need to focus on moving in a forward direction.  It is too easy to go back and try and do what I have already done before.  Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?  The days of getting agencies to pay me are probably gone for good.  There are other avenues of work which are probably gone for good as well, at least for me, so even if I were to go back to what I had done, I’m not so sure there is even a market there for me to offer my services to!

This is the art of supply and demand.  My next move is figuring out the demand so I can supply my art! 😉

Olivia by The Average Jim