No Excuses, No Apologies

I like weird shit.  Honestly I am not quite sure what I would call my personal taste when it comes to fashion or art or anything.  It is kind of like Americana Glam.  Granted, I would totally consider myself an American photographer or artist or whatever.

Some people like to act like they come from somewhere else as if that gives them more clout.  I think being true to who you are is what gives your work actual meaning.  I grew up in Michigan and spent a huge amount of time in California.  I have been obsessed with California my whole life, the culture, the ocean the glitz and glamour of it all.

I’m not fashion, I like loud music, bright colors and hate pretentious fucks.  I want to be all “Zen” with what I do but I just can’t do it all of the time.  I can’t help but state my opinion about pretty much everything.  I tell outlandish stories to get a reaction from people.  I am often sarcastic to the point that some people are not quite sure if I’m serious or not.  But the thing is, I just don’t take life seriously.

I don’t believe in working a 9-5 job, ever.  I believe sunny days are meant for play.  I believe that the universe will guide me to wherever I’m supposed to be or to whatever I’m supposed to be doing.  That is just the way it works.  And if I have the chance to have an awesome burrito on the way to wherever I am going then awesome!

Some think I am on “cruise-control” but I’m not.  I actually take in every moment I can and enjoy it for what it is.  Right now I am about 10 minutes from jumping into the pool, as soon as I finish this blog and get changed then that is the plan for the afternoon.

I am me, no excuses no apologies.  If there is anything to know about me it is this.  What other people think of me is none of my business.  Or if you just want to hang out and take some cool photos or go for a swim, hit me up.  I’m an open book and I have an open door policy for cool people who just want to chill.  But it is usually BYOB, as I do have a full bar, but all the bottles seem to have leaks in them because they keep getting empty, not quite sure how that happens. 😉

Kara by The Average Jim