All About The Love

New projects are so much fun!  I swear the more I throw myself into them the more fun I have.  I know this world is supposed to be about making money and all of that, but I just really like what I do.  I may go broke with all of my ideas but I have to do them, I have to create and I have to enjoy my life!

My latest project involves animating some of my photographs into cartoon styled images.  I’m also working on prints with some third dimensional properties.  This all comes from my fascination with Pop-Art and mixed media art.  It also comes from my love of west coast culture and everything that is California.

The goal is to take my work to the next level, whatever that may be.  The one thing I never like to do is settle, that just seems like it would be the worst thing possible for me and my work.

I was shooting a lot of editorials last year and while I loved it, I also didn’t like that so many publications just wanted nudes of agency models.  They didn’t seem to care about actual content and that pissed me off.  You don’t need to shoot nudes to be creative.  And don’t get me wrong, I shoot my fair share of nudes, but come on people!  I want to be known for my creative work, not just another guy on the west coast who take pictures of young pretty girls naked.  That would be settling.

Yes, my new work will have some nudity but not every shoot, and honestly probably not even close to half will have nudity.  I like stylized shoots too and when animating you really need wardrobe sometimes to give it that cartoonish look!  It is all about intention and what the vision is for the image.  I just don’t want to be one-dimensional in any way.

I am not a photographer to just take pictures and get paid to do that.  I made that mistake with my career too many times.  I use photography as my medium to share my visions in my head with the rest of the world.  Sometimes I get hired, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes people buy my artwork sometimes they don’t.  But it is the fun and the journey of creating the work that I enjoy the most.  This is why I do what I do, not for the money, but for the love.

Tabatha by The Average Jim