My office is such a cluster-fuck of images and whatnot.  I think I thrive in a space where there are too many photos on the walls, too many books on the shelves and just too much everything.  It is like if I can get more things around me the fewer thoughts I have in my head and then, only then, can I actually concentrate.  Like right now I have something else I am thinking about hanging on the wall of my office, I don’t know where there is room for it but I know it has to go up asap!

The randomness of all of this stuff is pretty interesting, but it kind of goes along with the way I think.  If someone were to come in here and try to figure out what I am all about they may either think I’m crazy or just into a whole lot of different stuff!  Everything from surfboard wax to hand tools, film, photos on the wall, rubber stamps, buttons, button maker, cameras, old computers that don’t work but might some day, skate boards, my stereo I bought while still in high school.  Yet is all seems to have it’s place.

I like my random life.  It allows me to change direction anytime I wish.  I don’t have a specific path to follow, I don’t have to stick to any one idea ever.  I’m shooting a wedding in a couple of days, after that maybe a fashion shoot or glamour shoot or just wander out in the desert or just lounge by the pool.  I have a calendar but most of the days are open for whatever.  I actually set aside days for whatever, this way I don’t book something I have to do.  Today I have to clean house because we have guests coming over tomorrow, but that is pretty easy, so I think I’ll make buttons today and hang out by the pool.

I like these “whatever” days, we all need more of them.

Kaley by The Average Jim