Old, New, Used and Abused.

I have a new obsession.  I rent new cameras and play with them for a weekend.  It is a total tax right-off and this way I don’t have to buy a new camera.  Granted I only do this for big events or paid gigs, and I have to say it is kind of fun to play with new toys without dropping $3000.00 or more on a new camera body!  The only thing I am dreading is finding one that I fall in love with that will be way over priced!  I’m sure this will happen as this is something that has happened before to me.

There was a time when I was really into buying new gear, but as I get older I really like my older gear.  For some of my work, people have asked me how I get a certain look.  Once I shot with really expired Polaroid film for a fashion editorial and I was asked how I created that look in Photoshop!  Well, I didn’t.  It was shot with a camera from 1936 with the original lens from 1936 and Polaroid film that was about 15 years old.  That is how I made it look that way.

I shot an editorial last year that had this killer grainy, gritty look to it.  When asked how I got that look I just said I took an old digital camera, pushed it to its limit and that was about it.  Sometimes older gear has a purpose.  I have never been one to think that you must have the newest and best gear to create a great image.  You have to have a vision of what you wish to create and then pick the proper gear for that image.

This weekend I have an idea which requires a newer camera for what I wish to do, so I am renting it.  I will be able to shoot what I want and not spend thousands of dollars on something that will eventually be old gear.  This is my way of saving money and still getting to play with all the toys other people spend thousands of dollars on.  Plus I still have all of my other gear as backup in case the rental fails for any reason.

Hopefully I will shoot something this weekend that I can share here on this site.  If not, oh well.  For now here is an older image, and I won’t tell you how it was done. 😉

Aurora by The Average Jim