Free Market Jim

I’m thinking I should just go full on free-market society with my personal work.  Shoot for free, give away prints and promo pieces and just create for the sake of creating.  I have other avenues which make me money, not a lot, but enough to get by.  I’m so sick of money and I have never really liked it, so why should it motivate me to create?

I’ve probably gone off the deep end again, which is a pretty frequent occurrence around these parts, but I just want to enjoy what I do, which I do enjoy what I do, but I want to do it more and not just to get paid. (how was that for a run on sentence?!?!)

I live in the deep end, I work down here as well.  It is hard to describe this feeling to anyone who is not into creating anything.  I just want to make stuff, art, prints, art prints on other stuff and the list goes on.  I made buttons today because I wanted to.  I will be making more too, I also think I want to make hats and t-shirts, I just really like printing my work on other things, it is pretty cool to see someone else wearing something I made.  Just like it is cool to see my prints hanging in people’s homes, or hidden in a nightstand drawer!

So if you see me in person, hit me up for some free stuff, not sure what I’ll have on me, but I will give you whatever it is I have.

Mac by The Average Jim