The Average Theory

It is no secret how I love the 1970’s!  But it is getting to the point where if I can build sets that resemble the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s I will!  It isn’t so much the actual decades that I like as much as it is the nostalgia.  I like the mood of images where you are not quite sure when the photo was taken or where.  To me this is how I like to shoot boudoir photography, keep it a little mysterious.

My approach is definitely a little different.  Maybe it is because I am also a musician and songwriter, but I want the images I shoot for my boudoir clients to tell a story.  When the images are put into a book it is a narrative.  There must be a beginning a middle and an end.  It doesn’t have to be a complex story, just one that sparks the imagination.  Even if there is only one image to show from the session I want there to be a story.  I shouldn’t have to tell the story, it should be one you create for yourself.

Personally I think too many photographers talk about the technical.  What the settings on the camera were, where the light was coming from, film speed or ISO on the camera and all the things they did in post production to get it to look the way it does.  All that information is great if you’re teaching a workshop, but honestly I don’t care.  The only thing I care about is how it looks.  It reminds me of a quote from Eddie Van Halen.  I’m not sure where it originated or even if it is an actual quote.  It was regarding a discussion on music theory, and can be applied to photographic theory, he said (and I’m paraphrasing) “if it sounds good it is good.” And that is how I like to approach my work.  If it looks good, it doesn’t matter how it got there, it just did.

Every now and then I am lucky enough to have an actual boudoir client who allows me to show photos on this site.  Here is Miss “Y”.

Miss "Y" by The Average Jim