Redefining Perfect

When it comes to my boudoir photography I really tend to not do the typical styles.  Every single time I google images for boudoir photography I tend to get disappointed.  It is as if nobody has thought of a new pose or different lighting since the 1980’s!  It reminds me of Glamour Shots in the mall!

Apparently if people are still doing it, it must still be what people want right?  Or maybe they just don’t know where else to look?  Maybe they don’t know about other options out there?  Who knows, all I know is that I am happy not to be doing the same old thing!

To me a perfect image describes a mood and evokes a feeling.  The technical are secondary to me.  But I have been quoted as saying there is no such thing as too much film grain!  I love grainy and gritty images.  Nothing you would probably ever see in Maxim or magazines like that.  I like that raw feel and intensity.  There is beauty in the imperfections, in fact I don’t really like that word because to me what makes an image perfect is when there is mystery to it.  I don’t always want a technically perfect image because sometimes what isn’t “correct” is what makes the shot even more amazing!  Perfection is one of those things you cannot force, it is about being in the moment and capturing the mood.

I like risk, I like taking chances and I really like pushing myself to take these sessions to the next level, whatever it may be.  I’ve got some new ideas and hopefully some willing subjects lined up.  Can’t wait for what is in store for 2015!

Codi by The Average Jim