Honest and Respectful…

Believe it or not I am a people person.  I am just a little cynical and sarcastic at times, or most of the time.  A lot of the time I will post on here about what I don’t like about the photography industry, and there is a lot not to like!  But what I love about being a photographer is working with people.  Since moving to Palm Springs I have been lucky enough to have met some great people.  Some have been clients some have been other professionals in the industry.  But they all share a positive vibe, maybe it is the dry air out here or something?

I have made changes to my business practices, which are better for myself and for my clients, and I have been able to take a more personal approach to my work.  I like to get to know my clients, I don’t like to rush shoots just to maintain the time frame for “billable hours” or anything like that.  I don’t give away the farm, but I like to add “ish” to any time frame I give myself.

My work is my passion and what I love to do and I feel lucky that I get to do this every single day!  Honestly because of the changes in my business practice I do not make as much as I used to make.  But when I work I am happy.  The people who hire me now tend to hire me because they like the way I work and the way I portray them.  This has always been my goal.  I want to see people for who they are and convey this in a photograph.  I’m not here for shock value or to shoot blatant nude photos for attention.  In fact some of my more “erotic” work has never been seen online!  Not to mention the huge number of boudoir client photos that have never been published for sake of their privacy.

Recently a fairly popular boudoir photographer in the industry had said that all of her clients have to sign a model release and allow her to use the photos for her own promotion.  To me this is bullshit.  I have had amazing clients who work in law enforcement and several teachers as well.  These people could be terminated from their jobs if I were to publish photos of them.  So why would I turn them away as clients and not let them have a great, fun boudoir experience?  Of course I also believe it is totally lame to be fired over these types of photos, but that is the country we live in.

With all of these changes to my business there is one big factor which made me want to make the change.  The one single factor is this one word.  Respect.  I respect my clients and they in turn respect me and my work.  When you are honest with your clients and with yourself you can truly make magic happen.  Honesty coupled with respect is a recipe for happiness.  The frustration goes away for the most part.  I am an artist so I accept that frustration is going to happen whether I want it to or not, but this helps it stay away from the business side of things!

Be happy, be open, be respectful and be honest.  Of course I still call things how I see them and will still call bullshit on frauds, but that is me being honest and respectful to my craft. 😉

Anoush by The Average Jim