The Average Ride

Tomorrow marks the day of something awesome!  I will be launching my Kickstarter campaign, I know, people get really sick and tired of others asking for money, I hope this one comes off a little differently.

I have been asked by many people to continue to photograph models with my Mercedes.  Honestly, I love doing this but there are some expenses that come along with having an older car and I also have to start driving it longer distances to cool locations for some of my ideas.  So this campaign is strictly for the Mercedes project which I call “The Average Ride”.

Since I have been asked by many people (seriously it is the most requested shoot I get) I thought I would try to continue and expand this project into a book while also expanding into much more elaborate shoots.

I apologize in advance for the amount of posting I will be doing on my social media pages and this blog to promote this campaign, but this will be the decider of whether or not I continue this project.  I cannot afford it on my own so therefore I am asking for help from the people who would like to see it continue!

I will post more info about this tomorrow (and the following days) so be on the look out for more photos from these sessions and more updates on the Kickstarter campaign!

Casey by The Average Jim