Doing My Own Thing

I am going to be embarking on a new project when it comes to photography.  I have learned quite a few new things over the past year.  Most of these things I knew were coming but I still had that glimmer of optimistic hope for the photo industry, I was wrong for the most part.

The internet has pulled a switcharoo on all of us photographers.  The digital age has also contributed to this in mostly a negative way, but there is hope for the positive to shine through.  The internet brought us social media and with it a way to connect with people with similar interests whom we have never met.  For photographers this sounded great and all, I mean we can now show our work to potential clients and bombard them with images all the time!  But wait, we want better digital cameras, and make them smaller and cheaper too.  Oh wait, now everyone can have them?

In several parts of the industry photographers have actually cut themselves out of being the middle man.  It used to be that magazines or advertisers would have to hire a photographer to get a photo to sell their product.  Nope, not anymore!  Now you can go online and find one for free!  Or you can start a magazine based off of models taking photos of themselves with cell phones!  No more need for a photographer, at least not a good one.

Sure, the bigger magazines will still hire good photographers, but I am presuming that the rates will be dropping soon as several magazines are firing staff photographers and hiring freelancers.  It is basic supply and demand, there is a demand but there are too many photographers out there doing work for way too little of money.  I mean, I have low rates and I am getting under bid constantly!

I refuse to fight it, I have some dedicated clients and that is my bread and butter, but I’m not going to fight anymore.  I’m moving on.  I’m not quitting photography by any means, I am just going to look at it differently.  It is a tool I will use to help me create the new art I am choosing to create.  Honestly I am very hesitant to post any of the new work online yet because I have had so many images stolen from me recently.  And when I say stolen, I don’t mean just taken from this site and posted on a blog, I mean magazines with millions of followers taking my images.

So for now, my new work will not be shown here.  I will still shoot boudoir sessions when they come up and I will still shoot weddings when they come up.  I will even still shoot some fun editorial sessions when they come up.  But my art, I’m going a different route, I’m aiming high and going for gallery representation.  My new project is something which I think (and hope) will catch on.  I actually feel kind of foolish for not realizing the potential of this project sooner, it is as if the idea were hiding in plain site right in front of me.  So maybe the timing is finally right.  I’m in the right place, Palm Springs that is, and I’m finally in the right frame of mind.

I will continue to show some of my favorite images from past sessions here on this site, but overall this is just my blog to vent, talk photography, showcase some of my work and to do whatever I please, after all, it is my playground. 😉

Emmy by The Average Jim