The Difference

I have been known to go on rants in the past and I really hope this post does not come off as a rant because it is not meant to be one.  The majority of my work is boudoir photography these days.  I have been photographing primarily women for the past 20 years and now that magazines are not paying like they used to I am going back to the portrait and art world more and more.  I still get offered to shoot for magazines, but the offers are not really what I am looking for at the moment.

The biggest problem with being a boudoir photographer is that there are so many of them out there now.  Many photographers who photographed weddings are now getting into boudoir.  Living Social and Groupon have new offers all the time for boudoir sessions.  But here is my issue.  A lot of these photographers are bad at boudoir photography.  Some feel that if you copy poses from a magazine that is good enough.  What about the pose that looks best on your client?

Several of my boudoir clients have told me they were reluctant to hiring me because they saw all the models on my site and they didn’t feel that they looked like them.  But what made them decide to hire me was the fact that I have photographed so many different women and I have different vibes to each and every session.  They understood it is my job to make them look good.  It is my job to pose them in the best pose.  This is what being a professional photographer is all about.

With cameras today almost anyone can get the exposure right.  But working with people, and working with half-naked people are very different things!  There is a certain level of professionalism you must take with your subject and you have to willing to be patient and be able to give good direction to someone who may not remember the directions for more than 10 seconds!

Just because someone can take a good picture does not mean they can take a good boudoir or glamour photograph!  I can take good photos all day but my landscape photos are not that good!  I just happen to be good at photographing people.

When I am hired for a boudoir session my focus is on my subject and how I can make them look and feel their best.  It isn’t just a fun, cute photo session.  I do take an artistic approach to what I do and I really want to create something special and unique for my clients.  I like telling the story and I like telling their story.  The same thing does not work for everyone, and a real professional photographer should know this and understand this.  Unfortunately many of them don’t.  This is the difference between a professional photographer and someone who takes pictures for a living.

Kimberly by The Average Jim