Letting Go and Moving Forward

It is kind of funny how if you point out the flaw in someone’s work you are suddenly called a hater.  Really?  That is now the defense of people who do shitty work?  “Oh, you’re just a hater.” No, you do shitty work.  End of argument.  It gets even worse the older I get, now I’m an out dated hater I guess?  Honestly I don’t care what other people do, but don’t expect me to like it just because some internet magazine published it.  You got a good-looking girl naked and took pictures, wow, nobody has ever done that before.

And I’m not leaving myself out of this, I’ve done some shitty work in my day.  Sometimes I got paid to do shitty work!  But those days are gone, I hope!  Now I just want to focus on the positive and work with people who don’t want shitty work.

I really need to stop looking at these new magazines, it really frustrates me that when I find them, they are working with great photographers and then suddenly they work with people they don’t have to pay.  WTF? Really, this is total bait and switch!  A friend of mine was shooting for one magazine, she does killer work, and now they have a ton of guys who are willing to shoot for them for free so they take them up on it.  They use the same models, they have in-house retouchers and now don’t have to pay the photographer.  Honestly, the work isn’t as good but the readers probably can’t tell the difference.  It is sad and it pisses me off.

This is why I just need to focus on my own projects.  Magazine shoots are fun but so are boudoir sessions and art shoots!  So why not focus on that?  It is basically the same thing, just better deadlines and people who want to be there, less ego involved too.  I think I might be on to something here.

I feel as though I need to make a change, I need to let go of something.  Maybe I need to let go of the editorials and just take that experience into the art world?  I sometimes wonder what I could do if I solely focused on that.  I’d probably go broke, but magazines are not paying anymore anyway, so what do I have to lose?  Definitely not money!

I am going to keep on exploring my creative side and see what I can do differently in the boudoir market.  There are plenty of people doing the same thing out there, I just need to do something different!

Lee by The Average Jim