Risky Business

Ever have those days when you feel like you’re doing something wrong?  Ever have one of those days and realize that you are doing everything wrong?  Well that is how I feel most days.  I love what I do, I love everything about it to be honest with you.  But I am not showing everything I do and I am probably playing it a little safe.

These are things I normally would never do, but this year has been a different year.  I stopped taking certain clients and started taking on other clients.  But for some reason, whenever I try to run a business I tend to play it safe and stop taking as many risks as usual.  And this time of year is when I realize that I need to take more risks!

So while I will still shoot my style of “boudoir photography” and fashion and glamour I am expanding into Pop Art.  I have always wanted to be an artist and now I think it is time to make the jump!  I am working on a new business plan and a whole new marketing strategy.  This could be a huge risk but it is something I have always wanted to do!

My two favorite types of art, outside of photography and music, are Pop Art and Conceptual Art.  I have often used conceptual art ideas with my photography business but never as much as I would have liked.  Now that I’m getting older and hopefully a little wiser I want to push boundaries even more!  No limits, no rules, just unleash the little Average Jim inside of my head!  With great risk comes great reward!

I’m off the deep end for sure, have been for a while, I’m starting to like it here.  It is like having voices inside of your head but they all agree, and when it is unanimous you just have to go with that decision! I know this may sound crazy to some, but if you have an artist mindset you will understand.  Sometimes the idea overpowers rational thought, after all if you build it they will come!  This just means I am building my playground and eventually turning it into an empire.

There will be more positive changes to this blog after the first of the year, once I get everything lined up and ready.  But you can always keep up with my shenanigans via social media.  Just look for me everywhere @theaveragejim tumblr is going to be lots of fun this year along with Snapchat and Instagram!

Life is a great journey, I’m just trying to make the ride a little more fun and a lot more crazy!

Desirey by The Average Jim