Editorial Boudoir

I got an email recently from a potential client asking me about my boudoir photography.  She wanted to know if I shot images based off of what she picked out on Pinterest or if I only did what was on my website?

With so many boudoir photographers out there these days it is kind of hard for clients to find the right one.  I know a lot of photographers who, if I am being honest, have very little creativity.  They need their clients to pull images from Pinterest or other sites just so the can think of how to photograph their clients!  I also know some really creative photographers who have their own style and just like to stick to that.  So I guess the question is, what do I do?

I like to say that the experience one gets when selecting me as their photographer is this.  I shoot every session as if I were shooting for a magazine editorial.  I have shot for many men’s magazines, fashion magazines, and many other publications over the years.  I love to shoot narrative and editorials, it really is probably my favorite thing to shoot.  I don’t mind when clients bring in photos from Pinterest, but I just let them know that we can use those images as inspiration, but we have to make it our own.

I build my playground to suit the way I like to shoot!  So when someone comes to me for a photo shoot they get more than just a “boudoir” session.  They get an editorial of themselves.  This is just how I like to shoot.  Not all of my clients get undressed, several do several don’t.  Some just have fashion images taken or beauty shots.

There is a common misconception that boudoir photography has to be cheesy glamour shots from the 1980’s!  This is not the case at all.  Even though I do take some inspiration from the photos of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, I prefer to avoid being to cheesy when at all possible!

I personally think more photographers need to define their own style and figure out what really works for them.  For me, I just offer magazine style sessions from a photographer who has actually shot for magazines!  All women (or men) of all shapes and sizes are welcome at The Average Jim’s Playground.  I just like having fun and shooting what I love!

Danielle by The Average Jim