The Gritty Side of Beauty

I think I know why I really like boudoir photography and fashion photography.  I have always been a fan of fine art photography as well, but honestly, my work has never been fine art.  What I have wanted to get out of my photography is this, I am an artist, and I do require a certain amount of space to create my work as well as to ponder what it is I want to create next.  So I have what I call “The Average Jim’s Playground.”

The Playground is my environment, this is where the magic takes place.  I am not one who wants a normal photography studio.  My first studio was a nearly vacant home!  My next was a commercial building that I was able to remodel as often as I wished.  I had that place for over 16 years!  I still have access to it, but my new Playground is in Palm Springs.  I really like it here too!

Part of what I wish to accomplish by moving here is to really push myself creatively and to shoot in a way that my boudoir clients are coming in for not just “sexy” photos but to be a part of a piece of artwork.  Anyone can take photos of women in lingerie, and a lot of them do really cheesy poses and very glamour looks.  I like things a little more raw and gritty.  I like images to reflect the person in the image as well as how I see them.

I have always tried to incorporate my philosophy into my photography.  There are those who will just see it all as the same, some male photographer who take photos of women, and then there are those who get it and see that it is so much more than that.  In a sense I am a beauty photographer, and no matter what you will always get funny looks from people when they find this out.  It is human nature here in America to assume someone must be a pervert if they photograph nude women.  For some reason people love to assume that nudity equal sex, when it just doesn’t!  If you have ever been to a nude beach or to a nudist colony you will see that nudity does not equal sex!  But of course those closed-minded people will still think it does.

Assumption can never replace fact, no matter how hard closed-minded people try.  There is a super conservative Christian group who is constantly trying to get the amazing photographer Jock Sturges arrested claiming he is a pedophile.  They made allegations of this to the police, his home and studio were ransacked by police, destroying some of his equipment and some of his work.  It went to court and the judge threw the case out based on the fact that the images he shot of people at a nudist colony were not child pornography at all, it was art.

This country is so conservative that I honestly stay away from photographing anyone under the age of 18 most of the time!  I am honestly afraid of what people will try to say about me because they may see the work on this site and just assume I am some creep who is trying to exploit the children.  It kind of sucks because I have some amazing ideas for children photography, and I probably will start shooting it soon.  I will just brace myself for the onslaught of hate from narrow-minded automatons!

For now, I am pursuing boudoir, art and fashion photography of people of all ages.  I can’t not be who I am, especially since I am not out to hurt anyone!  I love beauty, I love photography, and I see beauty everywhere, this is just one more reason why I do what I do, even if beauty is sometimes a little gritty!

Maddy by The Average Jim