Mediocre is Not Acceptable

What is boudoir photography? Really, what exactly is it?  I know there are a lot of photographers out there who shoot weddings and portraits who are now offering it as a service, but are they doing it justice?  I guess I’m not asking what is boudoir photography as much as I am asking why are so many photographers trying to do it?

Now I’m not wanting to sound like the whole authority on this subject, because I’m not!  I just know what I like and what I like to shoot.  It is just that I see so many bad boudoir photographers out there.  Terrible posing, terrible lighting, and just not a good understanding of the female form.  Just putting someone in lingerie on a bed is not what I would consider good boudoir photography!

So often I have clients email me before a shoot or before they even book me and say “but I don’t look like the women on your website” and honestly, you don’t have to!  Yes I show models on my website, and I do show the clients who allow me to show images, but I work with women of all shapes and sizes.  It is my job to know how to put them in the best pose, how to not show what they don’t want seen and how to use lighting to make everything look it’s best!

Just because you have a camera does not make you a professional photographer, and just because you can photograph a wedding day or a portrait session does not always mean you can shoot boudoir.  I know some fashion photographers who only work with agency models and they flat out say they cannot photograph non models!  I know another wedding photographer who flat out says she can only photograph skinny people.  Not everyone can do this, and not every photographer should try!

I’m just saying this because I didn’t even know I was good at this type of photography until I just happened into it!  I wanted to shoot landscapes and wildlife, or so I thought.  But I honestly wasn’t good at it!  I photographed my friend’s girlfriend who was a model and that led me to her agent who loved my work and sent me more models.  Then my friend’s girlfriends started hiring me to photograph “sexy” photos of them as gifts to their boyfriends.  This was back in the early 1990’s!  Luckily I fell into the right category and I have fun every day with my job.  I get to meet interesting people, I get to work in a relaxed atmosphere and I get to be creative.

Like I said before, not everyone should be a boudoir photographer, just like I should not be a landscape photographer!  I make landscapes look mediocre, why would you want a boudoir photographer to make you look mediocre?  Just my opinion….. 😉

Casey by The Average Jim