Palm Springs Boudoir and Beauty Photography!

With all of the changes I have made over the past several months I have decided to go back to one more of my original ways of shooting.  I have never liked the time limits that portrait photographers set, I know it works for them and that is awesome, but for me, I like to tell a story rather than just take pretty pictures.  Okay I like pretty pictures too, but only when they also tell a story!

I’m not good with time limits, I talk, I relax, I like to get to know my subjects, it is just the way I work.  I can’t help it, it is who I am.  So now my boudoir photography sessions will be a little different.  The pricing will change as well.  I’m going back to my artist packages.  Working with me is based on consigning me as an artist to photograph you in my style.  I have everything from digital image packages to little black book and art book packages.  I am shooting exclusively at my Palm Springs location and some hotel locations only on specific occasions throughout the year.

This is just my way of catering to my clients the best way I know how.  If you want the best from me this is how you get it!  I figure this is always a good business practice, do your best all the time for your clients, I can really get into that!

New prices are coming soon to this site, but for now if you’re someone who is interested, just send me an email or call me, that info is on my contact page.  I will say prices are starting at only $299.00 for the session, professional hair and make up and 7 edited digital files.  Add $50 for a 10 page little black book!  For more just check out the Pricing tab above!

Here is an image that one of my boudoir clients was kind enough to allow me to use.

Keri by The Average Jim