More and Less

This has been a strange year in photography for me.  I have traveled a lot this year, I have photographed weddings, portraits, boudoir sessions and many fashion shoots.  My work has been picked up for publication over 20 times this year and I have learned a lot about what I wish to continue to do and a lot about I will never do again!

I don’t want to say I have a new outlook on photography, because I really don’t.  I feel like I am almost back to where I started, not from a business point of view, but from an artistic one.  Maybe I’m too idealistic but I really enjoy the art side of the business and I don’t quite get the next generation of photographers or even some of the magazines that have recently appeared.

I’ve said this before, I shoot a lot of nudes so this isn’t about that, but some of these new “magazines” are just pages and pages of nude women.  And most are just agency models who test with approved photographers who get them naked and some have good concepts while others are really lacking in the creativity!  And if you’re going to call it a magazine shouldn’t there be articles?  Even Playboy has articles, and good ones at that!

The things I have learned are this.  I am not submitting to magazines I wouldn’t read or buy myself anymore.  I will not do any “work for hire” jobs ever again, a long story behind that one!  I will continue to shoot my style, my art and for my clients because if there is one thing I have learned this year it is that my clients like what I do!  My clients get my style, they want me to be creative, they are paying me to get creative!

My goals are to shoot more art, whatever it may be.  I will be shooting more film, less random portfolio shoots and spending more time exploring the art of photography.  I do not wish to be a part of “the scene” as I used to be.  I have my own scene, my own space and my very own “Playground” as I call it.  I am sure I will make more mistakes over the next year, but life is about living and learning as you go.  As long as I am not making the same mistakes I made this year I will call it a win.  And as for the mistakes I made this year, well I still had a lot of fun making them!

Jerilynn and Alexanne by The Average Jim