Giving Everything to Get Everything

Why, oh why, do I talk about style so much?  Because it is what sets you apart from the rest!  I posted on my Facebook page how a photographer I know said they don’t care about art, they just care about money.  And it shows in their work!  The images are clean and exposed properly but there is just no soul to the work.  And it is sad because they could do great work instead of just good work.

There is another conversation going on between photographers and pricing.  Some photographers say that people who charge too little are ruining the industry and driving down the market.  One of these photographers even showed me a link with a really cheap photographer.  But the work was crap and honestly, if someone can’t tell the difference between that crappy work and mine, I don’t want them as a client!

Style is what sets you apart.  Style isn’t a technique or a piece of equipment.  Style is your soul telling you when and where to push that little black button.  On this site I have used so many different cameras to create the images I have shown.  Everything from 35mm, medium format film, large format film, Fuji brand film, Polaroid film, Kodak film and of course digital images from many different cameras and camera makers.  But there is one thing in common, they all have my style and I bet some people can’t tell what was shot on what.

Style is our essence in a picture.  The photo may not be of myself, but I am in it.  I am in every single photo I have taken.  This is how I see the world and how I express my vision of it all.  To some my work may not be “art” and I’m fine with that.  I honestly don’t think all of it is art either!  But it all has meaning to me and I have put myself into it all.  I may not have been my “best” every single time, but I have tried my best every single time.  And all of this, when you put it together, is why I don’t care about other photographer’s pricing, I don’t care about what products they sell versus the products I sell.  When you get an image from me, it is an Average Jim original.  I don’t do the same thing every time with everyone who is in front of my lens.  Each session is it’s own.  Every session deserves this attention from me.  If I didn’t give it my everything every single time, well I don’t know what I would be, I certainly wouldn’t be me.

Here is one from one of my “One Roll” projects of Jessica aka “Vanity”

Jessica by The Average Jim