The Average Black Friday

Finally I am catching up on everything, of course it is just to start up all over again!  Just get caught up and have more portrait sessions this weekend, at least the Thanksgiving holiday will give me a break, well maybe….

I am somewhat against all of this “Black Friday” stuff.  I don’t mind the sales and stores opening up the day after Thanksgiving, but I really don’t like the idea of stores being open on a holiday.  I won’t be shopping at all, I’m the type that if I want something I will just go out and get it, so there is very little I am looking for at the moment.  But where I am torn is I am thinking of having a “Black Friday” special on my Etsy store.  I will be discounting Polaroid prints and possibly adding some art prints to the store just for the Holiday season.

This is all a part of my new way of doing business as an artist.  I have some prints that are worth more than others, but at the same time, I did make these prints to be sold.  I’ll have more on this next week, but if you’ve had your eye on something in my store, next week is the time to get it!  Prices will be much more affordable!  The whole idea is to get a tangible piece of art into people’s hands.  The internet allows us to view images all we want, but when the images are hanging on our walls it gives them life.  I’m sure not everyone will get what I am talking about, but for those of you who do, this sale is for you!

This will also allow me to set up a few more artistic shoots and create even more images for this site and for my store!  The goal is to keep prices reasonable, even if they are one of a kind!

So wish me luck or feel free to purchase a print!  Visit The Average Store more images coming soon!  Here is a film shot of Roarie, one of many coming to the store soon!

Roarie Yum by The Average Jim