Positive Groove

Okay, for those of you who have never read my blog here I go again.  It is all about style!  I am a photographer but that doesn’t mean I will shoot just anything in any way.  Even if I know how to, I just don’t do that.

I hate talking about what I won’t do or what I don’t do.  It seems so negative, and I really do not like negativity, I like to be positive and talk about what I like to do.  This is what most of my clients understand.  I talk about what I can do for them.  I know my boudoir photography is not like what other photographers do, but that is my selling point!  I just do what I do.

There is this fine line I tend to walk between fashion, lifestyle and boudoir photography.  For some reason I really feel like it all goes together.  It is the same when I shoot fine art portraits.  It all has to do with mood and style.  People have asked me how I shoot to get the end result and honestly I just get in the groove.

There are things I do to get into this groove, but most of it has nothing to do with the technical side of photography.  Most of it is just instinct and years of being behind the camera and a true love of working with people.  I never thought I was a people person when I was younger, and I still usually avoid large groups or people who are super negative and especially avoid the shit talkers!  But one on one, I like people.  I like getting to know my clients, I like talking to them and listening to them and their stories.  When you take the time to get to know your clients and they get comfortable with you, especially with boudoir sessions, then the magic can just happen.

I also use a lot of visualization techniques, I know what I want to shoot before I even pick up a camera, and anything extra I get is just icing on the cake!  Sometimes I will even change my mind in the middle of a shoot, you must be able to improvise in this business, it is something that has gotten me some of my best images ever!

If you’re a photographer reading this, have vision for your shoot, don’t just try to create technically perfect images, because they are often anything but perfect.  If you are a client or potential client reading this, hire the person who has work in their portfolio that you like and how you want to be photographed.  It just makes everything so much better when this all comes together.

Just my opinion, but it is my blog after all. 😉

Anoush by The Average Jim