The Average Mind

I think I’m going off the deep end again.  At least this time it is slightly different.  I am very prone to getting annoyed with the entire photography industry, it has been this way for years with me.  This is what happens when you are not part of the majority and you tend to see things in a much different way than everyone else.  But this is how I do what I do.

There is a total blow-hard in this industry who spouts off about how you need to be a specialist and anyone with a camera can do what you do so this is how you need to sell yourself.  He is an idiot and a bully, but people listen to him, hence my frustration with the entire industry.  Honestly it doesn’t really matter to me that people listen to this guy, the people who follow him are not my clients so there really is nothing to worry about there.

Part of the changes I wanted to make to this blog was to get back to just being me, uncensored and lots of word vomit at times.  The other part was to just show my vision of how I see the world.  I have a pretty damn good understanding of photographic technique but to me there is way more to photography than just that.  Just like painters have technique, or sculptors, or any artist for that matter, what matters is your final product.  This is your vision.

Apparently my vision is filled with hazy light, lots of film grain and lots of mystery in the details.  I also put a lot of myself into the images, it is when I step back and just watch my world go by.  My work is about my subject and it is also about me.  Finding the balance is difficult at times, and finding people who understand this is even harder!

The whole idea of following your vision is what makes you an artist type.  The content doesn’t really matter, some people photograph nudes, some men, some women, some weddings, some boudoir, some portraits, some kids, some pets.  But if you have a vision of what you wish to create rather than just executing a properly lit photo, this is what makes it art.  This is what makes it your creation.  This is what nobody else can do.  Just think about that for a minute.  Your mind and your creativity are your own, what you do with it is totally up to you.

Jessica by The Average Jim